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Bulk SMS

English & Arabic messages, Multimedia Messages, Send to All Networks

English & Arabic Messages

Our service delivers SMS messages in English, Arabic and several other languages. Please email us a copy of the message in your language. We will send it to you by SMS to test that the SMS service can deliver in your language.

Short and Long Messages

Our service allows you to send SMS messages up to 500 characters. Longer messages are automatically split before delivery and are automatically displayed as one message on the receiving phone. One SMS credit is charged for each message part.

Send to both Etisalat and Du Networks

You can now send messages to mobile numbers on both Etisalat and Du networks. No need to maintain separate list for Etisalat or Du. No need to send using different accounts with the two operators. You can have a single list of mobiles numbers on both Etisalat and Du networks.

Send to International Networks

You can send messages to both national and international numbers. In fact, you keep all numbers in a single list. And send a message to all numbers in one go. No need to sort by country or by telecom operator.

Sender IDs: Brand Your Messages

You can send messages that display Your brand name as the SMS sender. You can set and use any number of Sender IDs.

Sender IDs are not supported on UAE phones but are supported on a large number of international networks. Messages to Etisalat mobiles are delivered with Sender ID 5201.

Big Discounts

20% discount on local SMS, upto 70% on international SMS

We are offering more than 20 per cent discount on local SMS rates charged by telecom companies. When you send a message from your phone, you pay 18 fils per message. With us, you pay only 14 fils per message, a discount of 22 per cent.

The discount is even higher for international SMS. You pay only 14 fils for SMS to India, a saving of 46 fils over 60 fils charged by telecom operators. This is a saving of 75 per cent.

How to Send

Send from Internet to Phone

We will give you a login and password to our secure website. No need to install any software. You can send messages yourself. At any time. From anywhere. You can type the message on the website and copy the list of mobile numbers to send messages in bulk. You can also save the list of frequently-used mobile numbers on the secure website.

Send from your own website and software

You can send SMS from your own website or software. We provide you with an easy to use API that will allow you to send messages on type of server such as Windows, Linux or Unix. You can also integrate the API with any type of software as c#, vb, PHP, Delphi, Perl etc

Getting Started

Free Test Account & Trial

We make it easy for you to test our services. We will set up a free test account for you.

We provide free unlimited support by telephone and email to help you use our services. Please contact us using any numbers listed on this page.