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Send SMS using your software

You can now send SMS messages directly from your in-house software. You can integrate it with your website as well. This is done using an API. Our customer service representative can explain how the API works and help you integrate it on a call. We can also explain everything step by step via teamviewer.

API Format

API with Sender ID (Example URL)
Example URL- http://app.bulksms.ae/api/?login=LOGIN&password=PASSWORD&numbers=NUMBERS&sender_id=SENDERID&message=MESSAGE

API without Sender ID (Example URL)
Example URL- http://app.bulksms.ae/api/?login=LOGIN&password=PASSWORD&numbers=NUMBERS&message=MESSAGE

The fields LOGIN, PASSWORD, NUMBERS, SENDERID, and MESSAGE are variables. They must be replaced as below:

LOGIN Your bulksms.ae login
PASSWORD Your bulksms.ae password
NUMBERS List of mobile numbers separated by comma
SENDERID The Sender ID (Omission of this field will cause the message to be sent with the Sender ID "SMS ALERT")
MESSAGE The actual message content

API Data Format

Bulk SMS APIs are available in universally recognised JSON format


JSON is a light-weight data interchange format that is completely language independent but uses conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and many others. To access Json APIs, your application need to connect to http://cp.bulksms.ae/api.php? and submit request data using any method: GET or POST. The result is offered as an Json document.

API Actions

You can perform the following action using the APIs. All APIs require the following two parameters to be passed. The authentication parameters may be passed using three http methods. GET, POST or in HEADERS. For security reasons, we recommend that you pass the parameters as POST or in HTTP HEADERS.

Mandatory Parameters

Login Your login name or email address used to access your account on the customer panel
Password The password that you use to access your account on the customer panel