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  • Q : Are there any hidden costs involved to send SMS?
    Ans : There are no setup fees or monthly fees or any other additional fees. We operate on a prepaid basis. The credits that you buy are good for 365 days. So if you buy them now and only use them 6 months down the line, that is no problem. They will be in your account at your disposal.
  • Q : Do you offer other discounts?
    Ans : We provide discounts and promotions from time to time. Sign up today and you could receive extra credits as part of one of our many promotions!
  • Q : Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?
    Ans : There are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits when you need them.
  • Q : Will the system allow 1000 or more simultaneous messages?
    Ans : Yes, our system can handle over and above that amount of messages per day at a time. The limit is quite high. bulksms.ae offers the same easy to use service whether you are an individual or a bulk client.
  • Q : How long does it take to deliver messages?
    Ans : Our average delivery time to an AE mobile is just 3.10 seconds, and over 99.7% of messages are delivered within 30 seconds.
  • Q : Is it possible to use the "Sender ID" parameter?
    Ans : Yes. UAE users can register for a sender ID by sending an email or calling our support team.

    Sender ID for UAE numbers is SMS ALERT. You can change this to your company or brand name if you want. This is an optional feature.

    Documents required for custom sender ID

    • Valid Trade License/Registration copy of company
    • Authorization Letters for Etisalat & Du
    • Payment Proof
    • Sender ID

    Sender ID selected should be in English only and upto 11 characters, It should not be a generic name or noun.

    It takes 3-4 business days to get sender ID registered subject to approval from Etisalat and du. Please get in touch with our support team at support@bulksms.ae in order to get more information or for registration of the same.

  • Q : Do you support non-English text? (The SMS will be written in your language)

    Ans : Yes, you can send SMS in multiple languages. Please refer to the table below for number of characters per message for both English and non-English messages.

    No of Characters Language Message Count
    Up to 160 Characters English 1
    Between 161 to 314 English 2
    Between 315 to 468 English 3
    Up to 70 Characters Arabic (Non-English) 1
    Between 71 to 134 Arabic (Non-English) 2
    Between 135 to 198 Arabic (Non-English) 3
  • Q : Do you offer technical support?
    Ans : Technical support is available from info@bulksms.ae, or by calling +971 559973720 | +971 503773480 from Sunday to Thursday 8AM to 6PM GST.
  • Q : How do I register?
    Ans : Registering for an account is free and takes only a few seconds. Just go to our Menu Bar, Click on Sign up and follow the instructions on the page.